Monday, April 11, 2011

Paul Gautschi on Woodchips (and God)

Lay down newspaper not cardboard for killing weeds - when newspaper gets wet, it adheres to the soil and smothers weeds; cardboard doesn't. Then: woodchips. Lots of woodchips. 4", 6", a foot. Use it all the time. NOT bark, NOT sawdust. Don't till the woodchips in, just put them on top. Rake them aside to plant.

My idea for controlling slugs: Slug "habitat" nearby, full of things slugs love to eat, that come up before spring veggies. Let the slugs go at it, then bring ducks through to decimate the population before the slugs lay eggs. Note: slugs sometimes lay multiple batches of eggs in a season, so bring the ducks through a couple times.

From this podcast with Paul Gautschi.

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