Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Garden

What's in the ground:

Peas - planted in the ground March 13 or so into sopping wet soil, big trellises built by Mike, fell over in the wind, set up again last weekend. Planted two rows on either side of each flat trellis, about 6" apart, 1" spacing between the peas, about 18" between the double rows.

Mizuna, mustard, spinach, and 3-4 kinds of lettuce - Planted March 20, one perpendicular row each (across the bed), 1' by 1' spacing in a grid; the bed's about 4.5' across, so I planted 5 plants per perpendicular row. These were all started indoors in seed starter mix and transplanted after about 3 weeks. The roots on some of them had gotten a bit long and were coming out the bottom of the flat. I didn't thin them enough so had 2 or 3 starts per cell, probably some transplant shock in separating the roots. I had started using liquid fertilizer on them after they had their little true leaves. Hardened them off in one week, leaving them outside a bit longer each day, though kind of erratically, and leaving them outdoors under a little cold frame cover often.

Broccoli (Di Ciccio) and Raab - Transplanted into Miracle-Gro Moisture Control potting mix, deep 2", 3", and 4" pots, at the same time I planted out the greens.

We've had a tough time chopping in the cover crop of crimson clover. It doesn't die very effectively when chopped in. We're planting among much struggling half-buried greenery.


To put in the ground: beets, carrots, radishes, and more lettuce and greens from seed. Also potatoes from seed potatoes [not put in] and chard from transplants [not put in]. We should also plant Wojtek's strawberry starts, and direct seed some broccoli [didn't happen].

Start indoors: Tomatoes using my saved seed from last year!

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