Saturday, March 27, 2010

Toilet paper rolls for starting seeds

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Ah, sweet, simple solutions.

Cut tp rolls in half (or leave them whole), stuff a wad of newspaper in the bottom (or fold the bottom up, squash the bottom, or just pack the soil), and fill them with seed starter or sifted compost. They can be plopped right in the ground when ready, and will decompose as the roots spread.

Other thoughts: "You can also leave some of the tube above ground to act as a cutworm collar." "Put them in something to keep from flopping" - watertight tray, plastic berry container (mini-greenhouse), etc. "If you get a bit of mold/fungus on the seed medium, pinch it out."

From this thread on gardenforum. Alternatively, Bonzai Aphrodite has a visual how-to on her web site.

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Matt said...

Didn't work well. Most sprouts died. Next time, don't cover all the time.