Thursday, February 12, 2009

Surreal Refuge for a Snowy Day

Hard to believe after two sunny days in a row, but remember when it was snowing two days ago? I do. A friend and I took the opportunity to wander down to the Conservatory in Volunteer Park and get tropical for a couple hours. It felt so cozy at the time. Now it seems a little silly.

Nevertheless, these photos are to remind you that there is a place where you can go in the middle of winter (or any time of the year), leave your coat and scarf by the door, and feed on warmth, light, and mist like an epiphyte.



Apparently, if you visit at the right time of year, the Conservatory provides free snacks. If you can reach.

In the temperate room full of flowering plants, the fragrance in the air is amazing. There were a few best-smellers that stole the show. We couldn't find a tag on a single one of these plants, which are placed regularly throughout the room, but I believe it's a Magnolia...?

Couldn't find a tag on this one either, but its subtle, sweet scent was refreshing after getting a bit overwhelmed by the intoxicating "Magnolia":

This inconspicuous bush, Michelia figo, or "Banana Shrub", has little blooms that smell intensely rich, like banana pudding:

Finally, the cactus room is otherworldly...

"Bye!" (says Old One Leaf, waving.)

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