Monday, October 6, 2008

Growing...As a Person

That's the excuse I'm going to use to explain why I haven't blogged for a while. Or gardened, for that matter. That I've been growing, a person.

Grad school applications are in competition with a Statistics class and a Psychology class, all of which are competing with a full-time job. Yeargh!!! There is compost to bring in, cover crops to plant, tomatoes to harvest, chard to get in the ground (albeit a little late), but all this must wait.

My life is overgrown. Not just the borders but the very beds. I planted everything when it was small and now it is out of hand and everything's crowding everything else out, and some things should really go but they can't. I need more space! (I am being metaphorical, get it? Like: I took on all these responsibilities when they were just ideas, but now they're actual things I need to do, etc....)

Precision timing and inter-cropping, those will be my strategies. Right now I am growing a blog entry between two rows of collegus prerequisitii.

And of course, there is the social life, which MUST BE MAINTAINED or I will get weird. The social life keeps the overall garden healthy; doesn't necessarily appear useful but attracts all sorts of beneficial insects. That's what I've always told dad.

Finding a metaphor is like shopping for an article of used clothing--you just find something that fits and then figure out how to make it work. Sometimes you have to stretch it a little. :)


d.edlen said...

"get" weird? ;)

Nah, you want weird, I'll give you weird. Just "become" an "artist".

Enough parentheses. I have a question. Not to disparage academia, but what's the school for in the end? I mean, you already can stretch a mean metaphor...


Matt Smaus said...
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Matt Smaus said...

A mean metaphor doesn't pay the bills, unless you are a VERY successful writer, which means writing whole books, which is a whole 'nother ball game (to use an over-used and terrible simile). Or writing what other people want you to write, which sounds a lot less fun.

In my line of work--what I do professionally--you cap out at about $12 an hour without a graduate degree. So there it is.

But thanks for the props. I will, someday, write a book. I've had one in the works for the last year and a half, actually....